Completed Projects

SN No. Job No. Project Client Consultant
1 P1 Villa @ Saar Mr. Ahmed Bucheery Gulf House Engineering
2 P2 GHE Residential Building @ Umm Al Hassam Mr. Mohammed Bucheery Gulf House Engineering
3 P3 Dar II Office Tower @ Diplomatic Area M/s. Fraser Suites Gulf House Engineering
4 P4 Two Villas @ Riffa Mr. Sheikh Ahmed
5 P5 3 Storey Building @ Hidd Mr. Mohammed Bucheery Gulf House Engineering
6 P6 Ahmed Bucheery Villa @ Saar Mr. Ahmed Bucheery Gulf House Engineering
7 P7 Ahmed Ajoor Villa Cladding @ Manama Mr. Ahmed Ajoor Mr.Ahmed Ajoor
8 P8 Kitchen & Laundry Staff Accomodation/Anchillary Blg @ Zallaq The Royal Court Gulf House Engineering
9 P9 Lagoona Beach Resort @ Budhaiya Lagoona Beach Report Gulf House Engineering
10 P10 Proposed 5 Storey 2 & 3 Buildings @ Hidd Mr.Ahmed Ajoor Gulf House Engineering
11 P11 Private Building @ Sugayya Mr.Hussain Taqawa Mr.Hussain Taqawa
12 P12 Renovation of Warehouse at Royal Press @ Tubli Mr.Saeed Ahmed Habib Gulf House Engineering
13 P13 Seed Office Building @ Seef Fundament SPC Fundament SPC
14 P14 Labour Accommdation@ North Alba SH Duaij bin Salman Ahmed Al Khalifa Gulf House Engineering
15 P15 Multipurpose Hall @ Adhari Park Mr. Ali Hasan Mahmood Akbari Architects
16 P16 14 Nos T8 Type Houses @ Al Dur Ministry Of Housing Ministry Of Housing
17 P17 Play Ground for Hope Institute for Special Education Hope Institute Fundament SPC
18 P18 Roof Bridge @ Riffa Batelco Ministry of Municipality & Agriculture Affairs
19 P19 Construction of 55 Nos Town Houses Type T8 @ Lawzi Lake Ministry Of Housing Ministry of Housing
20 P21 10 Storey Apartment Building Type AU @ Umm Al Hassam Ministry Of Housing Ministry Of Housing
21 P22 Retail shop @Busaiteen Bahrain Real Estate Investment Company(Edamah) Salah Al Kooheji Consulting Architects S.P.C
22 P23 23 Nos Town Houses Type T8 @ Arad Ministry Of Housing Ministry Of Housing
23 P24 Term Contract for Supply and Fix Materials for development and Beautification Ministry Of Municipalities Affairs Ministry Of Municipalities Affairs
24 P25 Term Contract for Electrical Work - Supply and Fix Ministry Of Municipalities Affairs Ministry Of Municipalities Affairs
25 P26 Cut, Bend and fix steel reinforcement for 22 stories Building @ Amwaj Middle East Contracting & Trade Center Ministry Of Municipalities Affairs
26 P27 Six Restaurants @ Gudabiya New Vision Tourism Tameer Engineering
27 P28 8 x 4 Storey Residentail Apartment Building (ip. Al Oadain Manara Development Co. B.S.C Riyadh Al-Arrayed Engineering
28 P31 Premier Inn Hotel @ Diplomatic Area Action Real Estate Company Farry Kazerooni Consultants
28 P32 Lebanon Restaurant @ Gudabiya Mr.Ali Hasan Mahmood Riyadh Al-Arrayed Engineering
30 P33 Andalusia 2 Anchor Restaurant @ Gudabiya Ajwaa Real Estate Investment S.P.C Ismail Konji Associates / Neo Design
31 P34 Workshop and Labour Accamadation @ Alba Fundament SPC Fundament SPC
3 P35 Novatel Al Dana Executive Suites Al Jazeera Tourism Company Mutawa Architectral Engineering
4 P36 JF5 Tower @ Juffair(Mown Tower) HAJ (Client Representative) Ismail Konji Associates
32 P42 Proposed Gennan Orthopaedic Hospital Renovation German Orthopaedic Hospital W.L.L Fundament SPC
33 P43 Proposed Ladies Swimming Pool & Cafe @ Lagoona Lagoona Beach Report Emaar Architects
34 P45 Fundament Main Store Mr.Ali Ahmed Alderazi Fundament SPC
10 P47 Proposed Refurbishment of Mishal Hotel @ Hoora New Vision Tourism Middle East Architects S.P.C
14 P20 Al Noor Building Refurbishment(Boutique Hotel) @ Manama H.R.H Shaikha Sabika Gulf House Engineering